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Moscow Russia
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Moscow Russia Tourism

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The city of Moscow is one of the world's great cities. Situated on the picturesque Moskva River, the Kremlin and Red Square mark the heart Russia's capital city.  Gorgeous palaces, churches and historical buildings are among Moscow's many attractions.  For entertainment, one can enjoy a Russian ballet, a river boat cruise or a day excursion to the Trinity Monastery.

Moscow Russia

Moscow Russia

Many airlines now offer direct flights to Moscow from most major European cities.  Train service is also available.  The efficient Moscow subway system provides visitor's with easy access to the city's major attractions.  Accommodation is available throughout the city and near the international airport.
Since the Russian Revolution of 1917, Russians have survived years of authoritarian Soviet rule, a devastating world war and many economic and political challenges.  Muscovites have survived this painful history and are now able to welcome the world to enjoy the city's beautiful architecture, museums  cultural events and scientific achievements.

Moscow Russia




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