Iron Curtain

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After World War II, communist governments were set up in Eastern Europe, base on the Soviet political model.

From 1945 to 1990, military, political, and ideological barriers dramatically divided the Soviet bloc from western Europe. This division was referred to as the "Iron Curtain".

Berlin Wall and Death Strip (1971)
Berlin Wall and Death Strip (1971)

In August of 1961, the East German government built a wall between East and West Berlin to halt large numbers of defections and to prevent East Berliners commuting to the West. It was later extended along the entire border between East Germany and West Germany.

The Berlin Wall meandered through the streets of Berlin.  It not only divided two very different ideological worlds, but it also divided families. East German soldiers armed with machine guns were ordered to shoot anyone who attempted to cross the barrier.

The Berlin wall was one of the most visible signs of the cold war and has become a symbol of the Iron Curtain and totalitarianism.

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